About Bets

Bets Cole sells and shows her artwork nationwide. Working primarily in the plein air tradition, she paints outside in the landscape with immediacy and openness. Bets seeks to draw the viewer into her personal experience and response to nature. She welcomes the challenge of exploring and painting unfamiliar places. Her choice of medium – whether acrylic, watercolor, gouache or charcoal – is dictated by the subject matter, colors, and quality of light specific to each location. When she is not traveling, Bets works from her studio in her home on an eighty-acre farm in Oregon. Recently she has explored new subject matter through large-format portraits and postcard-sized vignettes of people and objects she has met throughout her travels.

Represented by:
Karin Clarke Gallery, Eugene, Oregon
Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Freed Gallery, Lincoln City, Oregon Salem Art Association, Bush Barn Art Center, Salem, Oregon

Publications: Visual Magic: An Oregon Invitational: Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (2019)
David McCosh: Learning to Paint is Learning to See by Roger Saydack (2017)
Strokes of Genius 4: The Best of Drawing by Rachel Rubin Wolf (2012)
La Petite Éclaircie: A Journal of Paintings by Bets Cole (2011)
This Bountiful Place: Art about Agriculture, the Permanent Collection by Shelly Curtis (2006)